Blue Lace Agate Crystal HEAT changing Mug

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Another Crystal Heat changing Mug for you. For more details on how to use this Mug to help change your everyday life, click here

Blue Lace Agate...

Brings peace of mind,

Nurturing & supportive,

Neutralises anger, infection & inflammation,

Dissolves repression & encourages new expression of feelings,

Clears the throat chakra,

Counteracts mental stress.


You can add a Blue Lace Agate Tumblestone to match your mugThis lets the crystal help you to get the best out of your day.  You can just pick it up on the way out the door or put it in your home office space or your pocket and then it will be with you for your day.  

They will not be in the same delivery, as the Mugs are all made and shipped from the nearest supplier to yourself, and the Crystal Tumblestones are currently being shipped FREE from the UK. Just so you are aware that the shipping times will be different.

This mug has a black glossy finish when it's empty. When a hot beverage is added, the mug reveals which Crystal you have chosen for your day.
The mug is NOT microwave or dishwasher safe.

- Black glossy finish
- Reveals the print when exposed to hot liquids
- Handwash only
- Not microwave safe