More than just a random Mug - More like "Change your Life" Mug :-)

Posted by Tehmina Sethna on

The idea behind my Crystal Collection...

As there's only so many readings I can do in a week, I have come up with a way of you being able to do a mini crystal reading for yourself every day.  

All these mugs have names of Crystals on the front and a small description of the healing properties of the crystal on the back. They are all colour changing mugs so when you pick your mug in the morning, close your eyes, focus on what you might need some help with, or how you would like your day to go and pick a mug. 

It will be black on the outside and once you fill it with hot water to make your drink, the mug will reveal which crystal can help you to have your perfect day.  You soul knows what you need and will guide you to your focus for the day.  Like a message from your Soul to your human self.

You can add a Crystal Tumblestone to match your mugThis lets the crystal help you to get the best out of your day.  You can just pick it up on the way out the door or put it in your home office space or your pocket and then it will be with you for your day.  

They won't be in the same delivery though, as the Mugs are all made and shipped from the nearest supplier to yourself, and the Crystal Tumblestones are currently being shipped FREE from the UK. Just so you are aware that the shipping times will be different.